Clemson Area Amateur Astronomers

The Universe From Here

What are the requirements for membership in CAAA?

The only requirement is an interest in astronomy. We welcome all skill levels with or without telescope equipment. Annual membership for individuals or family is $20.

When should I buy a telescope?

We recommend you attend several of our star parties, observing sessions and outreach events first. This allows you to sample various types of telescopes and see the setup processes for each. Having this knowledge helps make your purchasing decision.

What type telescope should I buy?

This is a very complicated question but the simple answer is buy one that you will use. Ease of setup and ease of use are important in your first purchase. Once addicted you can upgrade!

What is your meeting schedule and location?

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at the Central-Clemson Library unless noted otherwise on the home page. Directions can be found under Resources on the main menu or by clicking HERE.

How can I become a member?

Attend a meeting and speak with the treasurer.

How can I get the CAAA to come to my group for a star party or presentation?

Public outreach is the most important thing we do as a club. Click on the Outreach Event Request link on the main menu or HERE to start the process. There is no charge for these events.


Ram White, President

Tom Wehrman, Program Coordinator

Bill West, Treasurer

Stan Smith, Outreach  & Website

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