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CAAA Outreach Request - See the Stars

Have you ever ventured outside on a clear night, glanced skyward in amazement, and wondered just what you were viewing? Or perhaps you have a vague notion of the celestial heavens, but would like a more experienced guide. Or maybe all that’s desired is a closer look through a telescope. If any or all of these pertain to your club, group or class, the Clemson Area Astronomy Club is here to help.

Please be aware of the sunset time for the date you are interested in to ensure dark skies. Choose an evening during which the moon is near its first quarter. Scheduling a star party near a full moon is not recommended as the view through a telescope is literally blinding, and the brightness of the moon also hides many of the other interesting things to look at in the night sky. Check with our outreach coordinator (or google the moon phase) to help pick a suitable date. 

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